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We offer private workshops that can be held at your venue, or at our studio. For details, please contact

Harsha Marothi: 919-561-8213 or


Yoga Workshop
Yoga is a technique of controlling body and mind. Every day, millions of people practice yoga to improve their health and overall wellbeing. We teach yoga during morning and afternoon break hours to have a great start of the day. Also may include certain weight loss, core strengthening and relaxation to each individual’s designed program. Yoga in the work place reduce stress, increase the health and well being of co-workers, reduce illnesses, increase job satisfaction levels, and increase the productivity of participating employees.


Workshops in Schools
We conduct several workshops in schools as dance not only makes us fit, but also acts as a medium to learn a new culture and new dance movements. We also teach kids to perform in their school events. This way they not only dance, but also learn different culture and history in a fun way. We teach Yoga, Bollywood dance and Folk dance.


De-stress and Team Building Workshops in Corporate Companies
These workshops are very popular in the corporate world. The employee gets to not only know to work as a team, but also personally gets to know every colleague in the company. Here the employee gets to learn new moves, relaxes himself/herself and also stretches his/her body before and after his/her working hours. De-stress workshops in work place reduce stress, increase the health and well being of co-workers, reduce illnesses, increase job satisfaction levels, increase the productivity of participating employees.
The sessions are 1 hour long. First 15 minutes consist of warm ups, next 30 minutes of workout/ dance, 15 minutes for formation/ coordination and the final performance of the team/ groups. Also includes interactive sessions.


Wedding Choreography
We take several wedding choreographies for the bride, groom or for the friends and family. This is very popular in India well known as sangeet sandhya. We can either choreograph the entire show or some specific dance as per the client’s requirements. We can also help you choose songs and edit them according to your personal choice.


Themed Birthday Parties
Birthdays are very special to every kid and we want to make sure that they enjoy and have the most memorable day of the year. We offer instructors that can bring fun, energetic moves and Bollywood glamour in the Bollywood themed party that the kids won’t forget!  The themed party includes: Give away like bindi to wear, history about Indian culture and clothing, dance, games, warm up sessions, performance in the end of the event.


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