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Third Annual Recital May 3 2015 at Green Hope High Auditorium


On Sunday May 3, 2015, we celebrated our school’s third annual recital. The theme was Vrindavan (the land where Lord Krishna grew up).

Opening invocation was performed by our celebrated local Bharatanayam guru Sridev Jagannath along with Kriti Rakesh Bhatia.


Team Jhankaar introduced the theme with a beautiful semi-classical dance on ‘Woh Kisna Hai’

Kathak students team Aakriti, performed pure dance – Nritta to variour rhythms: Teentaal, Jhaptaal and Ektaal. Kriti Rakesh Bhatia performed a solo on taal Rupak.


Team Aakriti also performed various acting ‘abhinaya’ pieces re-telling stories of Krishna: Makhanachori, Panihari and Kaliya Daman.

Bollywood dances were presented by various teams: NAACHmasala Teen Divas I & II, NAACHmasala Young stars. NAACHmasala Tweens and Neena ki Vanar Sena.

NAACHmasala School of Dance also launched it’s production company: OORJA PRODUCTIONS at this event. If you have interest in theater and wish to contribute to it in any way, please write to us at


It was a joyous evening filled with beautiful, unique and energetic dances!





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