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“Your dance postures are beautiful, don’t ever stop dancing”

-Saswati Sen (Kathak Maestro)


“I have known Kriti for about 5 years.  She is teaching my daughters Indian traditional dance-form called Kathak since 2007. Not only Kriti is an amazing dancer herself but she is a great teacher also. She gives students ample practice to perfect each move. She is sensitive to each student’s requirement according to their age and capabilities. Kriti has performed in various area programs and has shown amazing grace and talent. She has delighted her audience with her beautiful choreographies and performances. In her choreographies she has added many other dance forms like Jazz and folk to give dazzling performances. Her movements are flowing and facial expressions are always perfect. My kids have benefitted tremendously by learning from Kriti and they have gained confidence and stage readiness for performances.”

- Amy Gugneja (Parent of Kathak students Alyssa and Seymone)


“I was skeptical at first with the quality of performance in the limited time we had.  After working with Kriti, I realized that her knowledge, skills, and ability to adapt to student is superb.  She helped us put together a spectacular performance in a matter of 3.5 sessions.  She taught us new and creative steps according to our skills as students. Thanks for helping us throw together something quick in such a sort time.”

- Shyam Ram (Private lesson client)


“Kriti came to my Birthday party and taught us Bollywood dancing.  All of my friends are in early 40s and were little intimidated because many of them never danced before.  Kriti is a very good teacher and in no time we were dancing to some good tunes.  She made it very easy and enjoyable.  I would recommend her to anybody.  Have a Bollywood dance party, have fun and get a nice workout!!”

- Ms. Gogusetti (Private party workshop client)


“I’ve known Kriti in the capacity of a fellow dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Her lines, forms, and expressions in her dance technique are very classical with a strong emphasis on Kathak, but her movements and style have a soft fluidity and contemporary appeal that is very current to the modern times. Its a pleasure to watch Kriti compose choreography to raw Kathak music in a way that appeals universally to the masses because she makes classically challenging dances simple and fun! She is a graceful, creative, detail-oriented, humble Kathak teacher and dancer! Dancing with her has been one of the greatest joys of my professional career, and I highly recommend her for her technical expertise in classical Kathak dance for the stage or for your personal growth – she’s the best!”

- Natasha Pancholi Khatod (Actress, former Jhankaar team member)


 ”I have seen Kriti dancing and teaching…she imparts the talent with the same magnificence and grace as she performs. To me her dance is like poetry…it chimes for itself!!”

- Anu Mehra (MC, Cary Diwali, MC India Fest)














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