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Welcome to NaachMasala Indian Dance School!



We have a passionate vision to make traditional Indian dance more accessible to audiences with an international taste and background. Rooted in the tradition of Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Folk dances, we constantly explore new creative ways of bringing out the true essence of Indian dance. The choreographies are a reflection of fusing ethnic and modern genres of dancing to songs influenced by Indian classical music and a wide range of global/world music. Each dance composition is carefully crafted with intricate details consisting of synchronization, choreography patterns and thematic costumes.  NaachMasala offers programs for the following types of Indian dance…


NaachMasala School of Dance offers a rigorous training program in the North Indian classical dance form Kathak through Aakriti Kathak Academy.  The students of  Aakriti Kathak Academy are taught in compliance with the syllabus prescribed by a renowned University in  India  and are encouraged to take certification exams annually. In addition, we organize dance workshops by visiting artists from India for students to hone their skills. Students will learn an important aspect of Indian culture! Students also enjoy regular stage performances at local events and annual school recital.

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NaachMasala School of Indian Dance teaches Bollywood dance as a regular activity for children and adults with an emphasis on fun, fitness and beautiful choreography.  Children growing up here get an opportunity to enjoy latest Bollywood songs and dance styles. The goal is to choreograph a song per month and to perform dances every 2-3 months at exciting local events!

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BollyFIT for Adults

Wish you could dance like a Bollywood Movie Star? Join BollyFIT today, learn new Bollywood dance choreographies and have some fun while you get a workout! This will be the last time you say you have “2 left feet” or “I am not flexible”. This class is a fun way to stretch with yoga and learn the basics of some cool dance moves to folk and bollywood songs and get a workout.

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Indian Folk

NaachMasala specializes in beautiful Rajasthani Folk Dance.  Rajasthani folk dances are an eye-catching sight. Women wearing colorful clothes decorated with mirrors and embroidery, balancing a column of brass pots on their heads, sway in time to the music of a traditional melody.   Some of the popular folk dances in Rajasthan, which are a great source of entertainment, are Bhavai, Chari, Ghair, Ghoomar, Kacchi Ghodi where a dancer wears a costume resembling a horse, Kalbeliya, performed by the women of the snake charmer community and Teerahtali, where women perform with 13 cymbals tied to their limbs.

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Personality Development through Cultural Immersion, Theatrical Expression and Creative Interaction

Immerse yourself in Indian culture! Start your day with a full Yoga session learning the importance of stretching, breathing and meditation. Spend the entire week learning about moral stories from the  Pancha-tantraDevelop various aspects of you personality using story-telling, creative writing, public speaking, hands-on art and craft activities, dance, music and acting! Interact, imagine and improvise!

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Rent our Studio!

We are pleased to introduce our brand new professional dance studio in The Triangle for our students. All existing and future classes will be offered here starting December 2012. The studio will be located in Morrisville.  We are very excited to bring the beauty of Indian Dance and Culture to the Morrisville, Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill Communities! To learn more about the studio and rental opportunities Click Here!

Dance, De-stress and Yoga Workshops

We offer private workshops that can be held at your venue, or at our studio. For details, Click Here!


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